недеља, 19. август 2012.

Twilight fan goodies (Breaking Dawn Part 2)

Twilight: Breaking Dawn (Part 2) rarities have leaked online! We have a fellow fan in Summit company booth. To be precise, a clip of Renemee, and a clip from the DVD (bonus) which is yet to be released. Also included, songs slated to appear on the soundtrack, photographs of Rob (in the dark room), Kristen's & Taylor's twins (look-alikes), pics of fans...

Songs: 2
Videos: 2
Pictures: 24

Brought to you by a die hard Twilighter! Enjoy it, you little vampire/werewolf lovers! ;) #TeamThreesome #TeamJacobPlusEdward

Twilight fan goodies (Breaking Dawn Part 2) 

Fellow Twilighters, some goodies from Summit have leaked online! Awesome news, I know!!! I found and downloaded this torrent (42 MB) with not yet seen videos, songs and pictures. Figured some of you guys would want it too! :D 

I love to share material I'm a fan of, and I hope you guys enjoy it! ;)
I'd like to distribute files to Mininova torrent site because I love to share material I'm a fan of online already, so I decided to try to give back to the world of torrents since I've been also downloading torrents for years now and I hope people enjoy it! ;)


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